Sales Drives & Meetings

Build a sales culture

Do you need a sales manager to start building a sales 'culture' through better communication and motivation?

Why are sales meetings critical to your business?
  • Culture – We want to build a culture that builds, supports and maintains organic growth within your business. They serve as a catalyst and binding agent for shared goals and objectives. They serve to reinforce and remind us that we are a team, and we share a higher purpose other than our own personal benefit. Sales meetings bring us together to accomplish much more than we could alone
  • Communication – The nature of our job requires us to operate like sole proprietors who mange our personal books. Sales meetings require us to come together for 1 hour as a team and communicate. They foster teamwork and bring to light opportunities for us to help each other.
  • Direction & numbers – They influence direction and indicate when course correction is required. Sales numbers never lie, they are brutally honest. Numbers give us hope, determination, incentive and recognition for our successes. They also give us a kick in the rear when we need it
  • Skill set development and reinforcement – it allows for best practice sharing, motivation and the opportunity for a new starter to participate in meetings where experienced producers discuss numbers, business plans, account strategies and selling skills is invaluable

Our recommendations on delivering Sales Meetings.

      • Frequency: Weekly, create a rhythm and expectations. Sales meetings are important.
      • Day: Monday. Sales are a priority, this is the first meeting we have.
      • Time: First thing Monday Morning. Sales are a priority, this is the first meeting we have.
      • Size: No more than 10 per meeting. If you exceed 10, break up into 2 groups and run back to back meetings.
      • Duration: 1 hour. Period. When 1 hour is up, the meeting ends.

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We understand that our success will only come about with your success.

Whether you need us for 1 hour, 1 day, 2 days or longer; Jersey or abroad, we will tailor a package to suit your budget and resources.
We will work alongside you and your team in delivering your sales targets.
We will take the time to understand your businesses products & services, meet your staff and understand your vision for the company.
We want to be your Brand Ambassadors

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